Faith & Flintlocks

The game is played on a 3′ x 3′ board, using alternating model activation to keep all players involved in the game. Each model will have only two actions that it can spend each activation, so you better make them count! For combat interactions attackers roll off against defenders with the highest total winning the encounter. Gain bonus attack dice by coming from the flanks or make use of cover to receive bonus defense dice. All rolls are made with humble six sided dice, and combat interactions use 3d6 base.

Each model comes with a character card containing their stats and unique trait. All characters will have a movement stat in inches, and a health stat. Then depending on how capable they are they will have varying bonus points for ranged combat, melee combat or defense. Every character comes with an initial piece of equipment, though this can be swapped out for even better gear or upgraded once your gang has acquired some better supplies.

Supplies come in the form of unique Faction Decks. These decks contain skills, traits, equipment and relics that are tailored and thematic for each Faction. These upgrades help your characters develop and become more than simply models on a table, they gain a life and a story all of their own.

But if you don’t want their story to end, you had best watch out for the Fate Deck. For whenever a model has taken too much damage they have to chance their fate and see what the deck holds. If they are lucky they may simply gain an unsightly hobble or a fashionable scar, but if they are out of luck then they may not make it to the next game.