My other concepting task was the Shelonian “Elder” This guy has natural Armour plates that grow all over his body. Giving him natural protection. But they grow continuously throughout his life… so by the time he’s an old man – he’s weighed down by this bulk of Armour that he can never take off. The … More Shelonian “ELDER” SILHOUETTE CONCEPT LINE UP


Heho So finally got 5 mins to upload one batch of my silhouettes from last week. The other batch will be up shortly. These are for the rhorlan females – often referred to as “Two-Horns”. In an example of sexual dimorphism the rhorlan women are much much bigger than the “one-horn” males and with a prominent … More Rhorlan “Two-Horn” SILHOUETTE CONCEPT LINEUP


Exploring the world of social media interconnectednessness… I think we have a pinterest page now. Here is one of the boards I set up for reference for the Rhorlan Two-Horn… Mostly I’m just seeing how all this stuff works at the moment.