Weekly Update #133

Once again welcome back to the weekly dev blog. This week we continue on with the push for Tabletop Simulator and more models! To be specific we have: I have started creating the splits for the Ophidia and have also filled in a few holes which could have caused casting issues. Simon has continued to … More Weekly Update #133

Weekly Update #131

We’re back once again with the Weekly Dev blog. Apologies for the lack of an Art Dump on the Sunday just been, but unfortunately we didn’t really have any new or interesting shots to share. As for our progress this week, it’s been good so far and we’ve been steadily progressing. The Ophidia has had … More Weekly Update #131

Weekly Update #128

Welcome back once again to the weekly dev blog. This week has been rather productive for both of us and we’re hopefully looking at a play test next week sometime. What we achieved this past week: I have gone through and sharpened up the detail on the Ophidia’s spines, fins, muscles and joints. Still want … More Weekly Update #128

Weekly Update #124

Hello and welcome back to another weekly Dev blog. First up our list of what we achieved this week: The Ophidia didn’t get as much love as I had planned. But at least his right arm now has the correct anatomy and we’ve taken a bash at updating his face. Simon has been tweaking the … More Weekly Update #124

Weekly Update #123

We return once again with our weekly Dev update. This week there has actually been some work done! Huzzah! I have started back on the Ophidia’s anatomy and his muscles are really bugging me at the moment. So I’m looking through lots of reference pictures to make sure I nail it, as the Ophidia doesn’t … More Weekly Update #123

Weekly Update #122

Hi all, welcome back to the regular Weekly Dev blog. Good to be back this week after completely missing the boat last week. First up let’s have a look at what we achieved over the last two weeks, heads up probably not much 😦 I have progressed on and tidied up the movement rules to … More Weekly Update #122

Weekly Update #121

Welcome back to our regular weekly update post! First up is our achieved list which frankly isn’t going to be great this week as regular work continues it’s assault on our Faith & Flintlocks development time! We didn’t manage any 3d sculpting 😦 But we did have a good discussion over the weekend when we … More Weekly Update #121

Weekly Update #120

Whoops! This was meant to go out yesterday but it appears I have been a tad preoccupied with regular work! Better late than never! Starting off with out not very impressive done list: Simon and I have been flogged at work and have basically zero time to actually work on Faith & Flintlocks 😦 However … More Weekly Update #120

Weekly Update #118

Welcome once again to our weekly update blog. This week we’ve got a few unexpected going ons and a few missed deadlines. First up what we’ve managed this week: The Tyton has had a change or two thanks to some new character art that we’ve had through from Matt our artist. Simon’s done a great … More Weekly Update #118

Weekly Update #116

Hello and welcome back to another instalment of our weekly development blog. This week we’ve been busy with Zbrush, file tidying and wiki editing. For a more accurate list: I’ve been busy adding buckles, clasps and detail to the Ophidia. I did say I would be re doing the topology of the body but I … More Weekly Update #116