Dev Update #282

Ahoy there and welcome back to the Dev update! It’s been another productive few weeks for us here at Grimwolden Games. Starting off I had finished my pass on the Isogorean equipment cards. These all feel in theme and the abilities match the card names, so I’m feeling really happy with these now. Next up … More Dev Update #282

Dev Update #281

Welcome back once again to the Dev Update 😀 good to see you back again. Its been a busy 2 weeks for us here at Grimwolden Games and gives us plenty to post about. First up Jono has finished our Grimwolden Games logo and it is looking awesome. That should shortly start appearing here and … More Dev Update #281

Weekly Update #267

Ahoy there all! It’s good to see you back here. This week there’s been some good progress with getting the Faith & Flintlocks site ready for launch, and the vvou is inching closer to completion! First up, the Faith & Flintlocks site is almost done. This week we finished off the Gameplay section where we’ve … More Weekly Update #267

Weekly Update #264

Well hello there Internets. Our weekly development update comes to you from ME! Simon, The hider in the shadows. Mark is snowed under with real-world work load this week, So I have control! of the blog at least. In this week’s update – most of what we’ve completed is behind the scenes. I’ve been struggling … More Weekly Update #264

Weekly Update #261

Ahoy there dear readers and welcome back! I hope you’ve all had a good week or at least continued to survive the dumpster fire of 2020 😀 As for us we’ve actually had quite a productive week. We’ve been through and tidied up some more of the fluff and marketing for the new website. The … More Weekly Update #261

Weekly Update #260

Ahoy there dear readers! Well well well, what a week we’re having here in NZ. But putting all that aside for a second, we missed our usually weekly blog last week because we were having too much fun playing some board games with good friends!…unfortunately I don’t believe those photos made it up to instagram … More Weekly Update #260

Weekly Update #258

Ahoy there dearest readers! We’ve got some cool stuff to show off today. As you might have seen via instagram we’ve just received our small shipment from the GameCrafter and it is awesome. Inside were all of our new playtesting kit which includes, all 4 faction decks, all of the character cards and all of … More Weekly Update #258

Weekly Update #254

Ahoy there dear readers! Welcome back to another of our weekly dev posts. Hope you’re all doing well 🙂 This week we’ve been busy with various different things from sculpting to fluff / fiction. Unfortunately Simon has been a bit out of commission this week with some sort of bug. I on the other hand … More Weekly Update #254

Weekly Update #253

Ahoy there dear readers! Hope you’re all still doing well. We’re continuing to soldier on and overall it’s been a pretty decent week for us. Jono has done another rev for the Isogorean logo / symbol, and it’s looks solid. He’s also updated the character cards and I’m really stoked with how they are looking. … More Weekly Update #253