Weekly Update #264

Well hello there Internets. Our weekly development update comes to you from ME! Simon, The hider in the shadows. Mark is snowed under with real-world work load this week, So I have control! of the blog at least. In this week’s update – most of what we’ve completed is behind the scenes. I’ve been struggling … More Weekly Update #264

Weekly Update #261

Ahoy there dear readers and welcome back! I hope you’ve all had a good week or at least continued to survive the dumpster fire of 2020 😀 As for us we’ve actually had quite a productive week. We’ve been through and tidied up some more of the fluff and marketing for the new website. The … More Weekly Update #261

Weekly Update #245

Ahoy there readers! Another week of lock-down here in NZ and even more Faith & Flintlocks development here at Grimwolden Games. Simon once again has been the powerhouse pushing through updates on the TTS (Tabletop Simulator) mod. It is looking super cool these days. All the latest cards are in along with the tokens and … More Weekly Update #245

Weekly Update #232

Ahoy there dear readers & welcome to what is probably the last dev post for 2019 😀 First up, what has been happening this week. Well as I said squeezing some time in to finish the Drazz was the plan and it certainly wasn’t easy between all the Christmas business.  But as you can see … More Weekly Update #232

Weekly Update #228

Ahoy there dearest readers! Things have been trucking along nicely this week. Its Simon’s last week at work for the next 6 months, which means he’ll be freed up to put some time into Faith & Flintlocks again. Tony’s awesome art work of Gresbit looks great and is coming along well. I’ve penciled in a … More Weekly Update #228

Weekly Update #226

Ahoy there dearest readers and welcome back! It’s been another week full of distractions and sick children (seriously how are they getting sick now!). But on the up side I did manage a major push on the Drazz and now all of the arms are done with the exception of the lower hand holding the … More Weekly Update #226

Weekly Update #223

Ahoy there dear readers! Welcome back once again to the weekly dev blog! This week has been a good-ish week. We’ve sent feedback out to Dan, the Drazz has had further development and Simon and I have put together feedback for Tony on the environment piece (though we’ve yet to actually send it through, whoops!). … More Weekly Update #223

Weekly Update #222

Welcome back dear readers to another weekly dev post! This week you’ll be pleased to learn that I’ve actually managed to get back to sculpt on the Drazz! Not finished but still getting closer none the less. There is now the torso and 2 remaining arms left to finish along with the staff…unless I try … More Weekly Update #222

Weekly Update #213

AAaaaand we are back! Ahoy there dear readers. Apologies for the lack of a post last week but I was all but dead from work so it just wasn’t going to happen. But this week, well that’s a different story. I’ve done a test print of my cheat sheet, which I quickly found lacking! I’ve … More Weekly Update #213