Weekly Update #163

Welcome back again, This week I’m back on duty having decided that working 14 hour days at work perhaps weren’t the best use of my time 😀 Sculpting has been slow this week though the Shrubber now has some detailed leaves instead of the tongue shaped clumps of before. The backstory is chugging along at … More Weekly Update #163

Weekly Update #162

Hello there, It has been a busy week for us.. though not all development related. Mark has been held up, working late tonight, so I’m filling in on blog posting duties. Although I’ve just returned from a brief holiday with my family – So I haven’t much to contribute directly. We have made some progress. … More Weekly Update #162

Fate Deck

One of the decks we have been implementing and testing of late is the Fate Deck. I figured I would go into a little more detail regarding its latest incarnation. We decided to use the Fate Deck for when models are in life or death situations and their fate hangs in the balance. It contains … More Fate Deck


Exploring the world of social media interconnectednessness… I think we have a pinterest page now. Here is one of the boards I set up for reference for the Rhorlan Two-Horn… Mostly I’m just seeing how all this stuff works at the moment.