The World

The world of Grimwolden finds itself in a new era of expansion and exploration. Vessels are setting out in all directions from the port city of Gresbit, eager to find new lands, and new wonders. As they return, they bring rumours. Rumours that spread through the city like wildfire. Rumours of mysterious relics, fabled to be blessed by the gods to perform Miracles and bestow God-like powers.
And Gods are big business in Gresbit, the city is overflowing with religions, churches, cults and fanatics. You can’t walk down the street without being orated to by a dozen new faiths. All preaching the good word, and how theirs is the ONLY word, you need. These religious factions vie for worshippers and followers, to secure their power throughout the land.
To them, something that could actually convince the clamouring crowds of their divine connection, something that would prove beyond a doubt that theirs is the one true religion. Now that would definitely be something worth having.
The race is on to secure these relics, and prove once and for all, whose is the true faith.
Adventurers, explorers, ruffians and ne’er do wells of all races and creeds are rife in Gresbit, and willing to do anything for a price. These are the mercenary crews exploring the world, setting sail to track down the legends, following the rumours and finding these oh so precious relics… that the religions pay so very well to get.