Weekly Update #266

Welcome back once again to the weekly dev post! Hope you’ve all had a good week, wherever you may be. It has been an interesting week for me as I’m still under the pump at work but did actually manage to be slightly productive on the side too 😀 As promised I’ve got the faction … More Weekly Update #266

Weekly Update #265

Ahoy all! Mark here, back in the saddle and ready to write the dev post! So lets take a journey and see how this week went. First up Simon was going to be doing some 3d printing when unfortunately a part which he needed didn’t come in the package he’d ordered because the company apparently … More Weekly Update #265

Weekly Update #246

Ahoy there once again! Another good week for getting stuff done 🙂  Aside from a bit more TTS we’ve also been discussing fluff and backstory which has been a bit neglected of late. Simon has also been continuing to progress the 3d models. I on the other hand have copied our rules into a google … More Weekly Update #246

Weekly Update #234

Ahoy there dear readers! It’s been a good week and as you may have seen in the featured image we’ve been branching out and playing some other games this week 😀 It was great to finally get Twilight Imperium 4th edition back to the table. It’s a fantastic game and I love playing it. Unfortunately … More Weekly Update #234