The Factions

Our four starter factions are:

Children of Cinder

Born by the flame, die by the flame. These well intentioned but highly flammable worshippers believe in the sacred All Flame and in continual rebirth through fire. Favouring
Muskets, Pistols and fire based attacks they prefer to work in tight knit groups for added protection and greater synergy. Known for their “noble” quests they are always happy to help the needy, though that usually just means they’re going to set things on fire. Problem with your heretical neighbour? Fire; Cat stuck in a tree? Fire; Grandma needs some help?
Fire. Apparently there just aren’t any problems that can’t be solved by judicious amounts of fire.

The Church of Isogo

An ancient order devoted to the search for eternal youth.
Their ‘Live life to the youngest’ is the central tenant of the church, and the key to attaining eternal youth in the afterlife.
The vast majority of Isogo worshippers are middle aged, desperately to clinging on to their fleeting youth. “living young” wherever they can, exhibiting the most childish behaviours as that strut around in their snuggly armoured onesies waving their mighty twinkly war rattles at non-believers.
Leading these worshippers is the God Baby, a forever young child born in the holy image of their creator god Isogo. In practice though the church is mostly run by the children of Junior Council whose job it is to run the church, organise it’s ministers and ensure the continued holiness of the God Baby.


Silent and most definitely violent. Birthed from the fanatical preaching of their first leader, Marcel along with his Black Book, the Mimes are a relatively new religion. That however
hasn’t stopped their explosive growth, galvanising many into taking the vow of silence and donning their new black and white faces. From the sleek Pantomimes and simple Understudies right through to their suave leader, the Star, they all work towards the great Mimeopolypse and saving the world through blessed silence. When adventuring out and
about they are often found in simple but dashing outfits and stylish ensembles. Don’t take them for mere dandies though and never ever turn your backs on them for you might find its the last thing you ever do.

The Hantu

A strange and curious sect, afflicted by what seems to most outsiders to be a terrible curse. Misshapen bodies, rotting flesh, healing wounds and mutations are just some of the many blessings that come with joining them on their quest to spread the peace and love. Gathering new believers can sometimes be a slow process but the Hantu continue on undeterred, knowing that thanks to their many blessings their bodies will probably outlast many of the
non-believers. Those Hantu that do adventure are a mixed bag, using any equipment that comes to hand, though they often develop interesting traits and mutations to help them survive the wilderness. All praise the Sacred Lake, the source of all their blessings.