The Miniatures

The world of Grimwolden is made up of a multitude of different creatures and beings of all different shapes and sizes. These races and more are ready to help you take your chosen faction to glory.



  • Sarcos – Small, nimble and cunning to boot the Sarcos are an interesting breed that often end up straying to the darker side of dealings. Whether a natural ability or a social trait they are always quick to know when its time to cut and run.
  • Ophidia – They come from an ancient lineage, the slithering Ophidia aren’t the smartest or the wisest but they certainly are the strongest. Capable of surprising bursts of speed if required, they make for loyal friends and brutal enemies.
  • Elder – Encased deep within their own natural armour, these Elder Shelonians know the curse that their armour actually is. Too old to be useful in military service, they take what work comes their way. Always hoping to die an honourable death before they are entombed by their own bodies.
  • Pup – Adolescent Shelonians, the Pups are head strong and reckless. Not yet of service age, they are too young to know their limits but old enough to cause some damage.They throw themselves into adventures before they become too encumbered by the weight of their own ever growing armour.
  • Two Horn – Matriarchs of military dynasties the mighty Two Horns are dominating, both on and off the battlefield. More physically gifted as their smaller male counter parts, these girls have no hesitation throwing their weight around.
  • One Horn – Lowly born into the myriad of military dynasties that make up the extended Rhorlan families, the humble One Horn is a regular workhorse of many an Imperial or State army. Rough and tough these stocky chaps work tirelessly following orders from the larger Rhorlan females.
  • Wou – Odd by even Grimwolden standards, the elegant and otherworldly Wou have a weird vibe that that just never seems to go away. Could it be their telepathy, hollow faces or their disregard for functional clothing? Who knows.
  • Moschops – Loosely related to their cousins the Sarcos, the Moschops are often called upon to be the muscle when deals go bad. Built to take just as much of a hit as they can give, the Moschops’ natural abilities helps them solve problems one knuckle sandwich at a time.
  • Shrubber – A walking, talking, living bush, or at least that’s how Shrubbers look to everyone else. Completely covered in a variety of foliage, twigs and flowers, the only parts of them that aren’t are their small feet, over sized arms and of course their favourite hat.
  • Drazz – The multi limbed and ambidextrous Drazz are a curious race. For while they can handle almost any piece of equipment with ease they appear to lack any ability to easily communicate with others.
  • Peregrine – Of all the Moukin families, the Peregrine is without a doubt the fastest. Streamlined, refined and with a hint of nobility, they are often found at the top of many a pecking order.
  • Tyton – With perhaps the best peripheral vision in the known world, the short little Tytons with their characteristic large heads are some of the best sharpshooters money can buy. Never wanting to be upstaged by others, the pompous Tytons often prefer to work alone.