Weekly Update #259

Ahoy there dearest readers! Welcome back to another weekly dev post. Hope you’ve been productive in your hobbying and gaming 😀 Simon and I on the other hand have been up in Mangawhai building fixed awnings during the end of last week, and as such have been a bit tied up. Though I did manage … More Weekly Update #259

Weekly Update #218

What it’s been a week already! Well I guess it’s time to welcome you all back dear readers 😀 Unfortunately due to time space warping around my work week, sick children and my general lack of time I have got sweet bugger all done this week. Less than ideal I know! On the up side … More Weekly Update #218

Weekly Update #198

Join us dear readers as we once again dive into the week that was! This week has continued last week’s tradition of being a relatively good week for progress (yay us!). First up I finished stickering and updating the Hantu’s physical cards. Along with that I’ve managed to finally dive back into the Drazz sculpt. … More Weekly Update #198