Weekly Update #198

Join us dear readers as we once again dive into the week that was!

This week has continued last week’s tradition of being a relatively good week for progress (yay us!).

First up I finished stickering and updating the Hantu’s physical cards. Along with that I’ve managed to finally dive back into the Drazz sculpt.

As you can see below I’ve found a better solution to the toe issues. I’ve also tidied up the face, hood and added a lovely handkerchief wrap to boot. It’s all a bit rough at the moment but it’s detail that’s getting blocked in which is good.  I’m quite happy with how the new two toe / hoofed foot looks compared with the original, and even the face has come out quite well.


Unfortunately Simon has had a night shoot all this week which has pretty much wiped him out of the equation 😦

For next week I want to have the toe on the other foot updated to match and the skirt / sash blocked out as well. If i’m lucky I will be also working on the many arms…though I can’t guarantee that as I know that I have a horrible midweek deadline looming next week!

But deadline aside it’s shaping up to be a good following week.

Until next week, take it easy 🙂


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