Art Dump #79

We’re back with Art Dump number 79, this week we’ve got some awesome concept sketches from Simon. So with a bit of time on his hands, Simon decided to have another pass at the Drazz. For a bit of reference this is our original rough test sculpt of him: As you can see he is … More Art Dump #79

Drazz Concept Sculpt

So here he is… finally. The elusive and hard to figure out Drazz.. So the Drazz is our 12th character design. An Angular, Segmented, multi-limbed, Insectoid . Original idea was a human/spider hybrid. But has evolved to something more of a Hornet/Wasp. One of my original ideas was that this guys can talk, but he has … More Drazz Concept Sculpt

Draz Concepts

Onto the second of my two races that I need to draw this week. This time we have the Draz, a kind of insect humanoid, very aggressive and anti social. I have been through a few roughs that haven’t taken my fancy but these three I feel are starting to move more towards something I … More Draz Concepts