Art Dump #109

We’re back once again for a quick Art Dump. This week we’ve got some thumbnails of the Ophidia’s head and we’re looking at some different concepts of scars. Let us know what you think. A. B C D With that we come to the end of the this week’s Art Dump.  

Art Dump #98

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump day! This week we haven’t got any cool work in progress shots, as we’ve both been a tad busy but Simon has produced some cool grey plastic renders of our current models. So let’s check them out! So there you go, some cool renders of some cool models … More Art Dump #98

The Art Dump

Welcome to another Art Dump where we show off some of our latest doodles, sketches or sculpts. First up this week is the One Horn concept spread I forgot to show last week. After some discussion I took our leading contender and tried different gear arrangements. Some are perhaps a tad over equipped but  I … More The Art Dump