The Art Dump

Welcome to another Art Dump where we show off some of our latest doodles, sketches or sculpts.

First up this week is the One Horn concept spread I forgot to show last week. After some discussion I took our leading contender and tried different gear arrangements. Some are perhaps a tad over equipped but  I tried work on the assumption that these guys would be travelling with most of their gear on them and prepared for anything.

One Horn Concept 47 Concept Spread

Up second is quick doodle of a One Horn that I thought looked quite cool. He’s looking very strong in this one.

One Horn Concept 48

Finally we move onto the terrain piece sculpt that I did last week. Nothing too fancy as the main purpose of this was to test how it printed and whether we can use this to generate some cool terrain for showcasing the game.

I was going for an ancient ruined arch look. The keystone arch way is Roman, but the heavy block work and tropical looking plant life make it look more Mayan / Incas.


Let me know what you think and it would be cool to know if you’ve ever done any 3d printed terrain before.

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