Art Dump #80

Welcome back, this week on the Art Dump we’ve got some work in progress shots of the Two Horn and the Moschops! First up is a progress shot of the old girl, the Two Horn. I’ve now finished both sides of her face and she’s looking rather sharp. I just have to finish her upper … More Art Dump #80

Art Dump #66

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump time! First up is a small update to the Two Horn. The most obvious thing in shot is the fixed up collar which now actually looks like a collar (bonus!). The shirt still needs to be re-topologized and then detailed up, which will help take care of the … More Art Dump #66

Art Dump #62

We’re this week with a doozy of an Art Dump. First up some awesome speed sculpts from Simon who was working at the Media Design School booth at Auckland’s Armageddon this weekend. Next out of the blocks is the latest Two Horn work in progress. She’s now got her boots, her weapon, some details slowly … More Art Dump #62

Moschops 03

I was just pushing how muscular and angular a moschops body could be. Trying to get him to be a hulking intimidating thing. But perhaps his head is getting a little lost.