Art Dump #66

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump time!

First up is a small update to the Two Horn. The most obvious thing in shot is the fixed up collar which now actually looks like a collar (bonus!). The shirt still needs to be re-topologized and then detailed up, which will help take care of the wobbly looking lines it currently has.


Up second this week…well second, third and fourth. Is a collection of work in progress shots from Simon showing his work on the Moschops’ handwraps.

Version 1 here with some soggy looking pasta wrapped around this hands by the look of this.


Version 2 has some more shape to it but still looks like soggy pasta. I had these same issues when doing the One Horn’s handwraps, the key is to make them look taut.


Finally we come to version 3 which is looking a ton better. It’s also chunkier which will help it come up better on the final miniature.


And that’s us for this week. If you’ve got any feedback or tips on how to model hand wraps let us know 🙂

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