PLAY TEST – May 7th

So last Thursday was a really productive night.

We organised a play test with some friends. One who had never played before, and One who was coming back for seconds.

This time through we were testing a couple of new things, as well as some revisions to existing things.

Before starting to play, one must get the lay of the land… and a few beers.

One of the brand new things was pre-organised gangs. We made Three teams of Four models with a balanced mix of basic weaponry and armour. This streamlined the initial setup hugely, and really helped make it easy to explain the game to somebody new. This was also helped by the rehashed “Quick Rules” booklet – which covers the main game points in a really concise manner. Between these two things, We had a game up and running in around 15 minutes.

We managed to get two games in, the first was an introductory game for our newbie, Jono, and our returning Play-tester James. After a lot of really unlucky dice rolls by James, things were looking pretty grim. But after a change in luck, he brought things back and managed to find a victory.

Jono congratulating James after Jono's first game. James won... Just.
Jono congratulating James after Jono’s first game. James won… Just.

The second game was between victor James, and Myself. With the goal to try out the new “Faction Decks”. With James playing as the sneaky Mimes, and Myself as the pyromaniac Children of Cinder.


This game was a bit faster and bloodier. With the highlights being the show down between my tiny Cinder Saros facing off against the Hulking Mime Ophidia… and ending with the Sarcos igniting himself on fire… (Cinder special ability that didn’t go so well).

Ophidia and Sarcos showdown
Ophidia and Peregrine (Goblin Proxy) hiding in some ruins.

But then things took a turn for the better when the Mace wielding cinder Pup, clobbered both the mime Peregrine and Ophidia in one activation.

Overall a great time was had by all. While there was some discussion and some minor tweaks made – Things are looking pretty solid.

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