Shelonian Art Dump

Taking a leaf out of my colleagues blogging practice – I’m just going to drop all the pictures I’ve been working on for the Shelonians. There are a fair few pictures – so hold on to your hats. Starting with some head concepts and ideas – just trying to work out how their heads will … More Shelonian Art Dump

PLAYTEST 18-09-15

So last friday we managed to coerce our loyal play testers into another few rounds of Faith and Flintlocks. This was a fairly momentous occasion as it was the first time “outsiders” have seen or played with our new 3D models. It was also the first time we’ve played with what I refer to as … More PLAYTEST 18-09-15

Pup Concepts

So i’m really digging sketchbook at the moment. Trying to get back into concept art is really fun, remembering how to model with paint is also fun… and i’m slowly getting faster. So here are 3 variations on a quick pup silhouette. Going for Hippy, Punk, and Army Recruit… I think the recruit came out … More Pup Concepts

L’Écorché study

So one of the other exercises from the modelling class I took was an anatomy study in the form of a L’Écorché sculpt. The term écorché, literally means “flayed” or “without skin” and is a rendition of the human form with all the bones and muscles exposed. It helps when creating any picture of the … More L’Écorché study

Flintlock Render

So, One of the reasons that the Drazz Concept took so long, is I got involved in a Zbrush Class. While I’ve been working in 3D for a long time, and i’ve sort of picked up Zbrush along the way – I’ve never done any formal training in it. So when this opportunity came up, … More Flintlock Render