Weekly update for the 25th of June

Hello, howdy, welcome back. Time for another update post. Didn’t quite manage to hit the regular Thursday schedule but at least its going up 😀

Now on to our successes this week:

  • Simon has finished an initial sculpt of the Drazz (huzzah!), so we can expect a post from him later this week showing that off. We ended up scrapping the initial concept as it just wasn’t working how we were planning.
  • I’ve done a very rough version 1 of the gang roster sheets. It won’t do for a final release but it lets us test the system.
  • I have reworked the Two Horn to be now wielding a correct initial weapon (and Axe Gun)
  • Simon has fixed the wiki to allow us to rework the existing faction decks into their new forms
  • And more name ideas have been added to the list. It is surprisingly hard to come up with a good name for our game and that would probably make for a good blog post. Then perhaps we could get some help from you out there to find a name for our game.
  • We broke then re-fixed our equipment with the additions of Axe Guns.

So some nice successes this week. But plenty more to do this week as we seek to tidy up our remaining loose ends and get the core mechanics of the game locked down by the end of this week. Which means we get to do more playtesting!

So to do this week:

  • We need to finish resculpting initial weapons for the Pup, Shrubber, One Horn and possibly Elder
  • Finish re-shuffling the original faction decks and then fill any remaining gaps
  • Simon to post up pics of the Drazz
  • Simon to look at 3d printing our characters through a friend (if all weapons re-done)
  • Write blurbs for all the initial weapons
  • Stretch goal if all of that is finished then we will look at reprinting cards
  • Concept more game name ideas and do a post on that

As always plenty to do but I’m really wanting to get a game name locked in so we can start to put our name out there more. And in that same vein is adding more information about our world, characters and faction.

So until next post 😀

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