Sunday Art Dump 28th June

Welcome to the Sunday art dump, come and have a seat. This is a new post that I’m thinking about doing every Sunday, where I put up new and interesting concept art pieces, sketches, doodles, sculpts and anything else arty, in the hopes that it will keep me focused on producing new art pieces for Grimwolden Games, our world and our game. Also I figure that people will enjoy seeing pretty pictures show up every Sunday. With a little forethought I may also be able to give a little bit of background for each bit of art I show here.

So on to the inaugural Art Dump:

First up are two images of the Rhorlan Two Horn. Here I was just trying to do a few quick sketches to get a better feel for the character. Its easier to see these girls in your head than on the page, for some reason the large female Viking opera singers just don’t appear to translate well for me. Interesting things to note about Rhorlans: they are from proud military families who all vie for prestige and power amongst each other. The Two Horns are said to choose their mate on the battlefield, selecting the most valiant One Horn they can see.

Two Horn Concept 13 Two Horn Concept 12_b

And the last image for this art dump is a quick render of a One Horn bust I’ve started working on. Haven’t progressed too far with it but its looking interesting.

One Horn_Concept02_v02_bustSo that’s it for my first Sunday Art Dump, let me know if you’re interested in seeing more of these posts or not and if you have any suggestions.

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