Art Dump #72

It’s Sunday and we’re back as usual with our weekly Art Dump.

This week as we’re still out and about on our holiday, all we’ve got to show off is some more of our random sketches!

First up is quick concept of a Peregrine in action. I think the head looks quite cool with the flaring feathers / hair.


Up second is an idea I had for another race, this time some sort of tree man. Would probably be rather slow but tough.


Following on from that race concept is some sort of lizard man concept. I like how his lower half is quite large. Feels like a very stable model for the tabletop.


Lastly we’ve got a sketch of a Shrubber looking longingly at a shiny new hat in the window of some fancy hat store.


I think the last image turned out quite well with the way you can read what’s going on fairly easily. I think I’ll look at creating a little story to go along with the image but knowing me that could take some time haha.

And that’s all for this week. Take it easy and we’ll be back with more next week 🙂

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