Art Dump #73

We’re  back with the regular Art Dump. This week we’ve got more some more sketches and random doodles. On with the show!

First up we continue on with more Shrubbers. This is just a quick doodle of one in mid stride.


Up second is a rather nifty looking crab man creature. I quite like how he’s got lots of hands instead of feet or crab legs, though he does have a mean looking pair of pincers. He’d probably run like a gorilla, which would be rather impressive to see 😀


Coming up in third place today is a concept outfit for a potential expansion faction. He’s meant to look slightly oriental, rich and like a merchant. I like the giant beads around his neck and some of his other aspects but I’m not 100% happy with him.


Finally for this week is a concept for a male Wou. His head looks quite stylish but I forgot to show / covered up with the jacket, his funny shoulder joint (meant to be xenomorph-esk)


And that brings us to the end of our Art Dump for this week. This coming Thursday we should be back with our regular weekly updates as both Simon and myself are back at work and have to start getting back into our Grimwolden developments.

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