Weekly Update #135

Welcome back once again to the weekly update.

First up is our usual review of what we’ve worked through this week:

  • As you can see in this week’s image I have been busy at work roughing out the Sarcos sculpt. So far roughed out a jacket, belts, baggies, pants and some still to be decided upon shoes. Those weapons on his arms are still his original designs which will need updating.
  • Simon has been ensuring that we’ve got everything uploaded on to Tabletop Simulator for our scheduled playtest.

So I am really enjoying being back at the early stage of the sculpt and have been powering through laying out the Sarcos’ details. Also I’m super keen to run through a play test of Faith & Flintlocks on Tabletop Sim with Simon (Currently scheduled for tomorrow!).


Racing along to our to do list for the coming week:

  • Have a playtest of Faith & Flintlocks on Tabletop Sim.
  • Finish laying out the Sarcos sculpt. Have a review and see what we like and what needs to change.
  • Simon should hopefully have sometime free to push the Ophidia through the separation pipeline.

If I’m really going well I might even do more work on the Sarcos but I’ll wait and see how I go as I currently have a sick daughter and a tired wife so my time may be limited!

Until next week 🙂

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