Weekly Update #218

What it’s been a week already! Well I guess it’s time to welcome you all back dear readers 😀 Unfortunately due to time space warping around my work week, sick children and my general lack of time I have got sweet bugger all done this week. Less than ideal I know! On the up side … More Weekly Update #218

Weekly Update #217

Ahoy there dear readers! Many thanks for checking back in with us but unfortunately these last two weeks have been an absolute write-off. Workload has skyrocketed and my children have once again succumbed to winter bugs (this winter has been diabolical for us), hence the reason why I skipped last week’s post and this week’s … More Weekly Update #217

Weekly Update #214

Ahoy and welcome back dear readers to another of our weekly dev posts. This week is just a short one as I’ve bounced from overworked to now having sick children, so there really is no winning for me. Simon on the other hand is still stuck dealing with life but has had some chances to … More Weekly Update #214

Weekly Update #213

AAaaaand we are back! Ahoy there dear readers. Apologies for the lack of a post last week but I was all but dead from work so it just wasn’t going to happen. But this week, well that’s a different story. I’ve done a test print of my cheat sheet, which I quickly found lacking! I’ve … More Weekly Update #213

Weekly Update #212

Ahoy and welcome once again dear readers! As I said last week it’s continued to be a whirlwind of work work and more work. Not even the fun kind of work! So unfortunately I have managed to do exactly zero actual Faith & Flintlock related work this week. Simon too has been busy though now … More Weekly Update #212

Weekly Update #211

Ahoy there dear readers! Welcome back once again and apologies for falling through on last week’s blog post. Unfortunately the reason for missing last week’s post is the same reason that I’ve got not a lot to show for this week’s efforts. My workload at regular work has been insane and I’ve been working most … More Weekly Update #211

Weekly Update #207

Ahoy dear readers! Welcome back to another dev post. I’d love to tell you how well we’ve done this week but personally we’ve been beset by more family being sick and severe workloads. On the upside, those we’ve somehow hoodwinked into working with us are powering on through. Dan continues to push through the Elder … More Weekly Update #207

Weekly Update #206

Ahoy there dear readers! When it rains it pours, and this week has been a thunderstorm of things to sort and responsibilities to deal with. Between sick children and last minute work deadlines, my available time for Faith & Flintlocks has been practically zero, so no image this week 😦 Though a small silver lining … More Weekly Update #206