Weekly Update #201

Ahoy there dear readers!

Welcome back to the dev post and apologies for missing last week but between sick family members, work commitments and general responsibilities there was unfortunately nothing done last week and no time to scrounge together a blog post.

This week…is not much better, but at least I have the time to pull together a dev post!

The main thing we have followed up with is that we’ve got our artist friend Matt busy working on the final 3 remaining character art pieces. Great news for us.

Other than that our week has been a write off. But for something cool to tide you over till next week I’ve copied a small extract from our fluff about what drives our gangs of misfits……the for hunt mysterious relics:


Since times immemorial the Gods have sent gifts to their faithful, hurling them from their divine perch beyond the clouds to plummet in arcs of incandescent glory to the crude earth below.

The Gods are however, vastly important and omnipotent beings, and can’t really be expected to spend an excess of their valuable time on aiming. And so by the time these relics reach the earth there is naturally room for debate about which God cast it from the heavens, or for whom exactly it was intended.

And yes, admittedly these debates could sometimes be characerized as “firefights” or “brawls”.

Relics tend to be objects of wonderous material and cryptic purpose, but undeniably world-chaging power should an owner manage to work out their intended function. Metal tubes that produce fireless light, living bowls of finest porcelain that drink like any beast, black boxes that sing songs, and portable windows containing invisible fire, all have fallen in the protective confines of metal God-houses from the sky, and all attract the brace, the foolhardy, the adventurous the claim their treasures!

And with that we come to the end of our brief dev post. Again sorry for the lack of progress this week, but tune in next week for more Drazz sculpting highlights!

Until next week, take it easy 🙂


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