Weekly Update #255

Ahoy there dear readers and welcome back to another weekly post! We’re progressing well this week with movement on sculpts, design and fluff. In other exciting news our updated playtest kit has been shipped from the GameCrafter and will hopefully be in our hands shortly (no idea how long that’ll take given the crazy world … More Weekly Update #255

Weekly Update #254

Ahoy there dear readers! Welcome back to another of our weekly dev posts. Hope you’re all doing well 🙂 This week we’ve been busy with various different things from sculpting to fluff / fiction. Unfortunately Simon has been a bit out of commission this week with some sort of bug. I on the other hand … More Weekly Update #254

Weekly Update #242

Ahoy there dear readers! What a week! or at least for us folks down here in NZ. Now in lockdown and without much of a job to do it’s been a rough ride so unfortunately there hasn’t been too much development on Faith & Flintlocks. With that being said though Simon and I have both … More Weekly Update #242

Weekly Update #200

Hello hello dear readers and welcome back again! This week we’ve got the Elder reveal and a few images of the Drazz in progress. First and foremost lets take a look at the absolutely awesome Elder: I think he looks so so very cool. He is old, cranky and armed with walking stick pistols! Big … More Weekly Update #200

Art Dump #98

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump day! This week we haven’t got any cool work in progress shots, as we’ve both been a tad busy but Simon has produced some cool grey plastic renders of our current models. So let’s check them out! So there you go, some cool renders of some cool models … More Art Dump #98