Weekly Update #242

Ahoy there dear readers!

What a week! or at least for us folks down here in NZ. Now in lockdown and without much of a job to do it’s been a rough ride so unfortunately there hasn’t been too much development on Faith & Flintlocks.

With that being said though Simon and I have both been discussing the next game we’re looking to develop and it’s sounding rather fun. Basically we’re using this as a chance to super charge our enthusiasm for all things Grimwolden Games.

The next game we’re looking at developing is a mix between Firefly, Blackfleet (I think that’s the right name), hex based terrain (Simon loves his Hexes) and airships (pew pew pew). Very early stages at the moment but its sounding tight, fast and fun which is a great place to be at.

Looking a head once we settle into more of a routine I’m hoping all this free time will mean I have more time to devote to Grimwolden Games, however the children seem to have different ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

Currently I need to finish off the Tokens for Faith & Flintlocks and we should be good for a reprint. So far I’ve reviewed what tokens we need and have started deleting Simon’s old ones from Game Crafter. Just need to add a few new ones and we should be good ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next week folks, take it easy (and stay safe in the current environment).


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