Weekly Update #254

Ahoy there dear readers!

Welcome back to another of our weekly dev posts. Hope you’re all doing well 🙂

This week we’ve been busy with various different things from sculpting to fluff / fiction. Unfortunately Simon has been a bit out of commission this week with some sort of bug. I on the other hand managed to lose my tablet pen (for sculpting) for a day … which was less than fun.

However one of the things that I did manage to get stuck into was the Fluff bible. So we’ve now tidied up some of the faction briefs, their outlines and what their core ideas are. I also did a little bit of world building that while temporary and can change at least helps us understand the world we’re working within.


Also worked on this week was the Vvou! As you can see not too much done this week versus last but she has been exported out ready for Simon to do a proper review on.

On the subject of the characters, Simon did manage to pull together all the latest and greatest character blurbs, so look out for those hitting the site soon and possibly a spotlight on one character each week. Also our GameCrafter order is slowly edging closer, we’re now number 450ish in the queue. Exciting times!

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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