Weekly Update #98

Welcome back again folks to our 98th weekly update. This week we’ve got our entry into the Sketchfab monthly challenge to show off, a cool render Simon has done of the same sculpt and the usual going through our achievements for the week. First up: We managed to get the Sarcos Cinder sculpt finished, uploaded … More Weekly Update #98

Art Dump #59

It’s the Art Dump on time and up to date. This week we don’t have a heap to show off as the production cuts of the One Horn aren’t really art or sculpting work…though there certainly is an art to creating the cuts just right so that it all fits together perfectly. What we do … More Art Dump #59

Weekly Update #79

And just like that another week flies by and we’re back with our regular Thursday weekly update. This week has been rather productive and I’m chuffed with all our progress 😀 We managed to: Go through how many hours it took to do the One Horn sculpt and then using that as a baseline put … More Weekly Update #79