Weekly Update #79

And just like that another week flies by and we’re back with our regular Thursday weekly update.

This week has been rather productive and I’m chuffed with all our progress 😀

We managed to:

  • Go through how many hours it took to do the One Horn sculpt and then using that as a baseline put together a rough estimate for how long we think it’ll take to do the Two Horn. At the moment we’re looking at the end of November for the completion date of the old girl.
  • Have had a fresh look at the latest Two Horn sculpt to see how much work I’ve got ahead of me.
  • Simon has put a stake in the ground and is picking a similar sort of due date for the Moschops.
  • The One Horn has been re-tweaked and uploaded to sketchfab.
  • Simon has been playing with some really cool renders of the One Horn (hopefully we get to show those off soon).

As promised here is the One Horn model on sketchfab in all of it’s glory:


Also we’ve already been given a staff pick on sketchfab! How awesome is that. It’s always nice when people take notice of something you’ve done. Now we just have to do all the rest of the models…not to mention the rest of the game haha. No pressure then ;p

So what does that leave for the up coming week?

  • This coming week I plan to start work on the Two Horn. I will be roughing out all the symmetrical detail as much as possible before I repose her and then retopo (repose and retopo perhaps the week after next?)
  • The Moschops will keep being worked on.
  • Simon will finish up some cool renders.
  • Stretch goal / Something that will need to be considered: A review of our wiki and fluff.

Back into the usual grind for the coming week. Hopefully with my new knowledge from working on the One Horn the Two Horn will be much faster…hopefully lol. At least it’s all practice and we can only keep getting better and faster from here 🙂

Take it easy until next week folks :p


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