Weekly Update #98

Welcome back again folks to our 98th weekly update. This week we’ve got our entry into the Sketchfab monthly challenge to show off, a cool render Simon has done of the same sculpt and the usual going through our achievements for the week.

First up:

  • We managed to get the Sarcos Cinder sculpt finished, uploaded and entered into the Sketchfab Monthly challenge. It was a ton of fun to rapidly throw something together for this. Check out the sketchfab link below!
  • Simon has reviewed the latest fluff draft.
  • We then sent our feedback to our writer friend who now has more than enough to continue on. However we also identified a few points it would be handy to have a discussion over, as such we’re planning to have a catch up in the coming week to thrash out those points.
  • The Two Horn has even seen some progress with some of the equipment on her back being completed.

One thing you may have noticed is that we succeeded in achieving all of the goals we set out last week, yay us!

But enough of that, here check out the Sarcos Cinder sculpt on Sketchfab:

And to keep up the Sarcos heavy post, here is one of the renders from Simon:


But one other thing I said I would do last week was talk a bit about our ideas for our campaigns. Now because the theme of this game revolves a lot around explorations and gallivanting about searching for precious Relics, we’ve tried to integrate that into the campaigns.

As such we’re looking at not only having individual scenarios that you can randomly play as part of the ongoing campaign (similar to Mordheim), but also to have Expeditions which would be 2-5 scenarios linked together with a little bit of fluff and theme to make them more memorable. To do this we are thinking of having a campaign booklet (like what you might get with games like Imperial Assault), and inside the booklet would be the scenarios as well as pages of different Expeditions. Between normal scenarios you could restock your game, buy and sell, etc, but in an Expedition the gang would be away from their home base and would have to rely on themselves (no restocking, etc). Also, before any scenario in an Expedition players would draw a set number of Exploration cards (each one would have a points value and a small gang bonus), the player with the highest points value would get to start first or be the gang that has arrived first at the next scenario. Potentially we’re also looking at dice rolls instead of another deck of cards but we’re still playing with that idea.

So yeah that’s our basic concept for the campaigns at the moment. Let us know what you think of it, would it add to the game, or just be something tedious?

And now before I type too much more, here are our goals for the coming week:

  • I will complete all of the Two Horn’s rear equipment, which should only leave her arms, head and something else I can’t remember right now.
  • We will make some tweaks to the Fortune cards so that certain properties are easier to read.
  • We will prototype some vendettas for our Fate cards (as we think it could be a cool mechanic, but we need to try it!)
  • And Simon should be able to get back into the Moschops again.

A fairly straightforward week coming up, lets hope we can hit all these goals again for next week!

Until next time 🙂




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