Art Dump #94

Welcome back to the weekly Art Dump! This week we’ve got a few sketches and an updated WIP for the Ophidia. So to start this blog off here is the aforementioned WIP for the Ophidia. As you can see he’s sporting some snazzy new straps / buckles on his left shoulder bag. I think they’ll … More Art Dump #94

Shelonian Art Dump

Taking a leaf out of my colleagues blogging practice – I’m just going to drop all the pictures I’ve been working on for the Shelonians. There are a fair few pictures – so hold on to your hats. Starting with some head concepts and ideas – just trying to work out how their heads will … More Shelonian Art Dump

Pup Concepts

So i’m really digging sketchbook at the moment. Trying to get back into concept art is really fun, remembering how to model with paint is also fun… and i’m slowly getting faster. So here are 3 variations on a quick pup silhouette. Going for Hippy, Punk, and Army Recruit… I think the recruit came out … More Pup Concepts

Elder Concept Sculpt

So after a lot of screwing around here is a test sculpt of the elder shelonian. A frail old man trapped in an ever growing suit of armour. A proud warrior in his day. Taking one last opportunity to seek out glory… or something like that…


My other concepting task was the Shelonian “Elder” This guy has natural Armour plates that grow all over his body. Giving him natural protection. But they grow continuously throughout his life… so by the time he’s an old man – he’s weighed down by this bulk of Armour that he can never take off. The … More Shelonian “ELDER” SILHOUETTE CONCEPT LINE UP

Chelonian “Pup” full body silhouette concepts

So my other assignment (from last week) was to start working out the Chelonian “Pup” The pup’s were the young soldiers, naturally armored. A bit headstrong and reckless. But fairly capable. Trying to get a good solid form going for these guys – that is still interesting. Hard when I instinctively try to shroud the head … More Chelonian “Pup” full body silhouette concepts