Shelonian Elder Concepts

I was feeling a bit bad about Mark’s weekly post where He talked about not doing very much towards the game.

My real life has been getting a bit busy of late. I’ve been involved with producing 9 different short films all at the same time.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve neglected our game – more that I’ve neglected to post about the things I’ve done.

Coming soon will be an expansive post about all our shiny new models… I just need to get the camera out and photograph them..

In the mean time – I’ve been charged with further development on our “Shelonian” characters.

I’ve used this as an opportunity to get back into digital painting – something else I’ve been neglecting.

I started to use Autodesks “SketchBook” a free program that I had used in the past – but have recently discovered they’ve updated their paint brush – with a nice new blending effect.


So these are about 20min speed paints – just trying to get back into the swingElder_REV02_concept_02jpg  of it.

The variations of the heads are quick photoshop liquefy jobs to explore some other ideas… The original paints are the far left.

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