Art Dump #94

Welcome back to the weekly Art Dump! This week we’ve got a few sketches and an updated WIP for the Ophidia.

So to start this blog off here is the aforementioned WIP for the Ophidia.

Ophidia_Concepts_ 48

As you can see he’s sporting some snazzy new straps / buckles on his left shoulder bag. I think they’ll work a treat and will come up well when painted.

Up next are some sketches for the Shelonian Elder. For some reason my mind was on his movement and anatomy. So I first drew him without any of his armour then proceeded to think about his skeleton and how his armour interacts with it.


Of course none of these are final ideas for how the old boy fits together but I’m certainly enjoying thinking about them none the less.

And that I’m afraid brings us to the end of this week’s Art Dump, hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you back here next week 🙂

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