Weekly Meeting 6th of March

Only slightly delayed upload. We had to move our regular meeting back to the Friday due to workloads in our normal jobs. On the upside we have still been making slow and steady progress:

  • Finished the Faction Deck for the Mime Faction. Ready for testing during our next play test.
  • Cinder faction deck is up probably sitting at around 70% completion.
  • Some initial concepts have been done for the Pup, Hollow, Peregrine and Draz

To do for this upcoming week:

  • Finish up the Cinder faction deck
  • Make a start on the Isogorean and Hantu faction decks
  • Simon to produce concepts for the One Horn and Shrubber
  • Me to produce concepts for the Two Horn and Elder
  • Both of us to produce a few full character range silhouettes so that we can have a better idea about different shapes all the characters have and whether some of them look too similar.

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