Weekly Update #162

Hello there, It has been a busy week for us.. though not all development related. Mark has been held up, working late tonight, so I’m filling in on blog posting duties. Although I’ve just returned from a brief holiday with my family – So I haven’t much to contribute directly. We have made some progress. … More Weekly Update #162

Weekly Update #121

Welcome back to our regular weekly update post! First up is our achieved list which frankly isn’t going to be great this week as regular work continues it’s assault on our Faith & Flintlocks development time! We didn’t manage any 3d sculpting 😦 But we did have a good discussion over the weekend when we … More Weekly Update #121

Weekly Update #93

It’s Thursday and time for our weekly dev blog. This week we’ve both been very busy pushing forward on several fronts and to top it all off we even managed a play test today! So on our list of goals this week we: The Two Horn’s development has been leaping forward with some fixes of … More Weekly Update #93

Weekly Update #92

We’re back and on time this week! All is right in the world once again 🙂 This week the unthinkable has happened, we’ve hit 100 followers across our different platforms (wordpress, facebook, twitter, emails)! It’s amazing and awesome and we’d like to thank you all for coming along on this journey with us so far. … More Weekly Update #92

Weekly Update #88

It’s that time of the week again and we’re once again back with our weekly update. This week has better than last week overall but I still didn’t quite manage as much time on sculpting as I would have liked, last minute jobs from paying work are time sinks 😦 Onwards and upwards though, so … More Weekly Update #88

Weekly Update #84

We’re back once again with the Weekly Update. Overall its been a good week with progress across the board. What progress you ask? We’ve sent the One Horn off to Zealot Miniatures to be printed and cast. Can’t wait to see the end results! The Two Horn has had progress and I’m now trying posing … More Weekly Update #84

Weekly Update #83

It’s that time of the week again folks where we bring you the wrap up of the week that was. First up I’ve noticed that I made a small whoops with last week’s weekly update, titled it number 81 but it was actually number 82! Secondly, oh man this learning how to cut up a … More Weekly Update #83

Weekly Update #81

We’re back for another Thursday update. So it was a good week of getting things done but not quite a ‘stick to the plan’ sort of week. What do I mean? Well you see: We decided on which company to go with to get our One Horn test printed and cast. Which then meant we … More Weekly Update #81

Weekly Update #81

We’re back again with the weekly update blog, delving into the week that was. First up, apologises for not getting an Art Dump for last Sunday but the week got the better of us and between Simon and myself we didn’t have anything remotely ready to put up. Secondly, we’re rapidly approaching getting our first … More Weekly Update #81

Weekly Update #78

Hello and welcome back to the weekly update, glad to have you with us. This week we’ve ticked off most of the items that were on our to do list for the week: We have uploaded the One Horn sculpt to sketchfab. Unfortunately I found that the low poly decimated version of the One Horn … More Weekly Update #78