Weekly meeting 12th March

Welcome to another Thursday and another weekly catch up. The round up for this week:

  • Initial concepts done for the One horn and the Shrubber by simon
  • Initial concepts done for Two Horn and Elder by myself.
  • Update of the injury deck
  • Mime faction deck complete

During the meeting we reviewed the mime deck and stamped it good to go for testing with the exception of one odd trait. Agreed and approved the updates to the injury deck. Discussed the naming issues for characters we’ve got and decided on new names:

  • Hollows are now the Wou
  • Rapacians are now Moukin

Discussed the game with our good friend Jono and his possible help with developing our style and the game as we go forward.

Updated the blog to our new company name: Grimwolden Games.

To do this week:

  • concepts for the Ophidia, Tyton, Sarcos and Moschops (yet to decide on who does what).
  • finish Cinder deck
  • get game and rules up to date for potential play test saturday week
  • more fluff expansion and general wiki tidying.

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