Weekly Update #78

Hello and welcome back to the weekly update, glad to have you with us. This week we’ve ticked off most of the items that were on our to do list for the week: We have uploaded the One Horn sculpt to sketchfab. Unfortunately I found that the low poly decimated version of the One Horn … More Weekly Update #78

Weekly Update #72

It’s back and only 1 day late at that! Welcome back to the weekly update here at Grimwolden Games. This week has been really good for us and though we haven’t done an outstanding amount of work, we have managed a catch up and organised our next goals. So what exactly have we done? The … More Weekly Update #72

Weekly Update #60

We’re back as usual to provide another dose of the weekly update. This week has been just as busy as last week for us so development has slowed slightly. But we’ve none the less been able to forge ahead little by little. This week we’ve: Basically fleshed out the Pup’s weapon, and a final locked … More Weekly Update #60

Weekly Update #56

Welcome back guys and gals for another weekly update. First up, what have we achieved this week: The Isogorean’s pre-canned gang have had another pass to strengthen their theme and feel. The Tyton’s weapon has had further development but is proving slightly tougher than the rest to nail down. The Elder’s weapon is mostly locked … More Weekly Update #56

The Weekly Update

Another week bites the dust and we’ve even managed a play test and meet up to boot! Last Friday we were able to spend the evening playing through a scenario and discussing many of the problems areas we’re having with the game at the moment. It was great, the game was fun and good times … More The Weekly Update

Weekly Update

First update post for February and I can see we’re already speeding through the year. Before you know it it’ll be mid year and then we’ll back to Christmas all over again! Best get ourselves into gear to get Faith & Flintlocks out to Kickstarter before that happens. With that in mind, what have we … More Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Welcome back to our last update post for 2015. We’ll be taking a small break from blogging over the Christmas holidays and the next update post will be on the 7th of January. Never fear though for we have come up with a plan, or at least a guide for what we want to achieve … More Weekly Update