Weekly update from the 26th March

While we didn’t manage to have our weekly meeting this past week due to real life and work (who needs them right?), we have still attempted to keep up with progress.

Achieved this week:

  • Concept silhouettes for Ophida and Sarcos
  • Concept silhouettes for the Two Horn (yet to be published)
  • Brainstorming a way to rework the Injury deck into something less clunky and more awesome
  • Had a play test of the game on the previous Saturday with great learnings

For the coming week:

  • Mark to do concept silhouettes for the Shrubber and One Horn
  • Simon to do concept silhouettes for the Peregrine, Draz and Moschops
  • Produce example of reworked injury deck
  • Go through and switch the world name and city name.
  • Stretch goals: More background information updating, completion of faction decks, completion of faction background briefs and goals.

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