Weekly update from the 2nd of April

Another week worth of progress. We didn’t manage a meeting this week but next week working life should settle down again and allow us to get back to regular meetings.

So while we weren’t able to push forward with all aspect we still pushed forward in other areas.

  • Concepts completed for the Rhorlan One Horn and the Shrubber.
  • Concepts completed for the Drazz
  • Went through our wiki and renamed the world to Grimwolden and our main port town of interest to Loen.
  • Updated the general fluff design guide for the world
  • Updated the fluff design guide for the Mimes and created one for the factions in general

This coming week we are aiming to:

  • Mark to concept the Pup and the Wou
  • Simon to concept the Moschop, Tyton and the Elder
  • Finish off the Fluff Design guides for all the factions to help create a consistent feel across all of the background information
  • Produce example of reworked injury deck
  • Stretch goals: More background information updating, completion of faction decks, planning of new play test date.

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