Shrubber Concept Sketches

As I plunge head first into trying to sculpt a creature which is mostly leaves and shrubbery (seemed like a good idea at the concepting stage), I thought I would take a moment to show the latest sketches and doodles for the little chap.

These days the Shrubber seems to channelling ‘Cousin It’ a bit, but I like the way that you can’t discern where the head is or body.  The Shrubber is covered in leaves, flowers, twigs, bark and any plant material you could imagine. They are short, tricky and love hats. They can blend into the background with ease and are often mistake for bushes in the forest, though the hat can sometimes be a bit of a give away. One odd thing about the Shrubber and indeed the Drazz as well, you can never tell whether the creature you are looking at is male or female…not that anyone really knows whether they do have males or females for that matter.

Shrubber_Concepts_16Shrubber_Concepts_21 Shrubber_Concepts_18 Shrubber_Concepts_19

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