Weekly update from the 14th of May

That’s right its time for our weekly round up of successes and the odd slip ups. Coming up first on the achieved this week is:

  • Completed an initial sculpt of the Wou
  • Simon completed an initial sculpt of the Pup
  • Simon completed an initial sculpt of the Moschops (stay turned for a cool post sometime soon)
  • Completed a draft of a new scenario which implements the new exploration deck
  • Half finished the new exploration deck (10-15 cards left to concept)
  • Agreed on how to use Trello (the awesome free project management website, might have to do a post on that later)
  • Agreed on a way forward for finding a name for the game
  • And fixed a few minor mistakes in our wiki.

So all in all quite good progress this week. I had planned on completing the exploration deck but in the end I had to prioritise getting the Wou sculpt out as I need to get the Sarcos and Shrubber sculpt out this coming week to meet out deadline.

To do this week:

  • Mark to do initial Sarcos sculpt
  • Mark to do initial Shrubber sculpt
  • Simon to do initial Drazz sculpt
  • Finish of the exploration deck
  • Finish updating the Fate Deck (really needs to be done!)
  • Stretch goals: More background information, more sketches and the Hantu faction deck.

I have no idea if I’m going to manage to hit out two sculpts this week, but I’ll certainly try. Go team!

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