Weekly Update #203

Ahoy there dear readers! Back at it again this week with another week of positive developments! This week I’ve managed to tidy up / re-mesh some of the Drazz, mostly focusing on the legs. Simon has had a chance to give some feedback on the Drazz. I’ve been going through our plans, making plans and … More Weekly Update #203

Weekly Update #147

Welcome back once again to our Weekly Dev blog where we dive into the week that was. This week has been an interesting one and a slightly hectic one for myself due to my wife giving birth to our latest addition to our family. Which is awesome and fantastic but not conductive for working. But … More Weekly Update #147

Art Dump #83

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump day. Not too many things to show off this week, but I have tidied up a sketch and have found another interesting doodle from my recent sketchbook. First up is a clean up concept of the beast pulled ship idea we had. This time you can see how … More Art Dump #83

Art Dump #75

It’s art dump day! Welcome back. This week we’re going I’ve got a few concepts to run through for our entry into the sketchfab monthly challenge. So we’ve decided to roll with the Sarcos for the base mesh as we have a roughed out basic body of a Sarcos that we can use as a … More Art Dump #75

Art Dump #68

Hello all and welcome back to our weekly Art Dump. This week we haven’t got much in the way of 3d sculpting to show off, so I have reach back in to our archives to find some cool concept sketches that we’ve got stashed away. First up is a concept for an outfit for a … More Art Dump #68

Art Dump #66

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump time! First up is a small update to the Two Horn. The most obvious thing in shot is the fixed up collar which now actually looks like a collar (bonus!). The shirt still needs to be re-topologized and then detailed up, which will help take care of the … More Art Dump #66

Art Dump #57

It’s Sunday! It’s the Art Dump! This week we’ve got some awesome renders from Simon to show off the One Horn sculpt. First up are two renders giving an idea how the model will look like once it’s cast in our hands. And finally a super cool render using procedural shaders to mimic a simple … More Art Dump #57

Art Dump #52

We’re back with the Art Dump for another week. No fancy pieces of finished art work this week I’m afraid. First up is a small facial study for the One Horn. The reason for it is because I’m trying to decide how to finish off the sculpt and at the moment his head has no … More Art Dump #52

Weekly Update #71

The week is nearly done and it is once again time for the weekly update. So what have we been up to over the last week? The One Horn’s pose is set. The small details have started to fall into place (belt loops added, pouches and satchels in rough positions, etc). Still need to get … More Weekly Update #71

Art Dump #48

Once again it’s the usual the Sunday Art Dump. This week I thought we’d take a break from the 3D and show off a little 2d sketch I’ve tidied up. For a while I had wanted to do a group shot of some characters that told a little story and showed a tiny segment of … More Art Dump #48