Weekly Update #85

It’s Thursday once again and we’re back with the Weekly Update. This week we’ve got some exciting developments to share.

First up it’s been a great week for progress. Unbelievably good in fact.

  • The One Horn has been printed for moulding and casting
  • The Two Horn is in pose with a rough layout of equipment
  • The Moschops is being posed, clothes have been added and will soon be heading back for detail sculpting
  • We managed a play test last Thursday evening and found that we still have heaps to tweak!
  • We updated the rulesbook and reference cards from all the mistakes we found during our play test
  • Our writer has had a free moment to start again on some of our stories

So yes now you might be able to see why I’m rather chuffed with our progress. And while I’d love to show off some cool shots of the Two Horn and Moschops I’m thinking I’ll hold those for the next Art Dump and have a super duper Art Dump. But what we can show you is the master print of the One Horn. Check him out in all his glory:

One Horn.JPG
The first master print! Exciting times ahead!

So with this much progress this week, how can we possibly live up to the expectations for next week? Who knows but we’ll give it a shot anyway. Our goals for next week are:

  • Have another play test this Friday (tomorrow).
  • Start detailing the Two Horn, probably starting on the skirt or shirt.
  • Start sculpting detail on the Moschops. Making that model pop.
  • Compile the results from the play test and update the wiki and rulebook again.

So a busy week of developments are afoot. If we keep tracking on at this rate, we’ll easily have the Two Horn and Moschops ready for prototyping before Christmas (fingers crossed!).

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