Weekly Update #157

Welcome back readers We’re almost back to normal operations after some less than stellar weeks. As Simon mentioned last week I had some family issues but now everyone is back and feeling much better (or as well as can be). That combined with some crippling deadlines for work projects meant that my free time for … More Weekly Update #157

Weekly Update #111

Welcome once again to another rousing round of our weekly update. This week we’ve been busy contemplating campaigns, website designs, character blurbs and more. On our done list this week: I have primed and started applying some colours to a Two Horn & One Horn model. I am by no means a top notch painter … More Weekly Update #111

Weekly Update #106

Welcome back, this week we’ve been mostly busy with fluff, backstory and world building. And while that doesn’t leave a lot to show for our work it has been quite fun to get back into the story of our world and our characters. In terms of what we’ve actually achieved this week: We have started … More Weekly Update #106

Weekly Update #96

Welcome back to our weekly updates. We’ve been slowing getting back into the swing of things and getting back into development mindsets. I’m just about done with the Two Horn and then I can focus on getting things in order for extensive play testing as that is our next weakest link I believe (aside from … More Weekly Update #96

Weekly Update #95

It’s now 2017 and we’re back in action! After much relaxation, sun, snoozing and boardgames we’re getting back into the swing of normal life. Though I think we’d both rather be back on holiday 😉 But over that holiday period we did manage some thoughts, ideas and a few chats about Faith & Flintlocks. We … More Weekly Update #95

Weekly Update #94

It’s late Thursday night and I’ve finally remembered I need to put together this blog! Let’s have a quick look back at what we managed this week: The notes from our play test have been stored and filed. The Two Horn has had further updates and is painstakingly close to being done. Simon has had … More Weekly Update #94

Weekly Update #91

Wait it’s already Friday? Feels like this week has just slipped past before I’ve even realized. Unfortunately our work progress isn’t much to shout about this week. In between sick children, road trips and pressing work responsibilities, Faith and Flintlocks related work has taken a bit of a hit. But we did still make some … More Weekly Update #91

Weekly Update #88

It’s that time of the week again and we’re once again back with our weekly update. This week has better than last week overall but I still didn’t quite manage as much time on sculpting as I would have liked, last minute jobs from paying work are time sinks 😦 Onwards and upwards though, so … More Weekly Update #88

Weekly Update #87

What it’s Thursday already? I could have sworn I had a few more days left in the week. Well it might be a bit of a light read on today’s Weekly Update as I have had numerous work distractions this week and poor old Simon’s had a sick family to take care of. But have … More Weekly Update #87