Weekly Update #139

Hello all and welcome back to another weekly Dev blog.

First up let’s dive in to the week that was:

  • The Sarcos has been trucking along quite well. His jacket / vest is done, along with his sleeves and pants. I have done his buttons on his shirt but have realized I need to scale them up a bit and swap one or two around.
  • Simon has been working on the kill for the Tyton but has otherwise had a busy week at work marking.

And unfortunately that is about it. Though we have scheduled in another play test for tomorrow…provided Simon’s PC doesn’t die (again). The lack of a longer list up there does hide the fact that it has been a decent amount of work to re-topoligize and detail up the parts of the Sarcos. And with those done we’re slowly narrowing down what remains to be finished. Also I’ve decided the Sarcos needs shoes but they probably won’t be boots, maybe more low profile type footwear.


Switching focus to the upcoming week, we’re planning to:

  • Push the Tyton to be completed for splitting.
  • Finish the Sarcos’s belts and associated gear around his waist. If I’m going well I’ll be either looking at fixing his hands or his weapons next.
  • Have our digital play test tomorrow during which we will hopefully start testing our campaign mechanics.

Looking at the dates I’ll probably have to squeeze in as much Sarcos work as possible because I need to have him finished before the 15th of Dec for Simon to then work on splitting him before the end of the year. So perhaps I will be getting on to his hands / weapons this week after all.

Until next week 🙂

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