Weekly Update #175

We’re back once again with the weekly Dev post. This week we’ve had a minor win, as believe it or not, I have actually finished the update to the Cinder equipment deck (woooooo!). Now obviously it’s probably still unbalanced but at least it’s back to being up to date as opposed to languishing several months … More Weekly Update #175

Weekly Update #161

Welcome once again to the weekly dev blog. This week we’ve been chugging along nicely with work on the Shrubber and rules. As I mentioned last week my intention was to finish the belt and that is now done with some ammo pouches added to the belt…though I’ll have to be careful not to cover … More Weekly Update #161

Weekly Update #157

Welcome back readers We’re almost back to normal operations after some less than stellar weeks. As Simon mentioned last week I had some family issues but now everyone is back and feeling much better (or as well as can be). That combined with some crippling deadlines for work projects meant that my free time for … More Weekly Update #157

Weekly Update #155

Another Thursday and that means it’s time once again to take a peak at our progress from the week that was: The Shrubber’s hat is finished enough for now…or at least until we do a test print. The Shrubber’s hands have had a rough pass and they are looking cool and much more wooden/gnarled I’ve … More Weekly Update #155

Weekly Update #139

Hello all and welcome back to another weekly Dev blog. First up let’s dive in to the week that was: The Sarcos has been trucking along quite well. His jacket / vest is done, along with his sleeves and pants. I have done his buttons on his shirt but have realized I need to scale … More Weekly Update #139

Weekly Update #138

It’s Thursday (for me at least) and that means it’s time for another Dev post. This week has been ok for us, though I have had a busy few days and haven’t achieved quite as much as I would have like. But we did manage to: Have another digital playtest! This time Simon had further … More Weekly Update #138

Weekly Update #123

We return once again with our weekly Dev update. This week there has actually been some work done! Huzzah! I have started back on the Ophidia’s anatomy and his muscles are really bugging me at the moment. So I’m looking through lots of reference pictures to make sure I nail it, as the Ophidia doesn’t … More Weekly Update #123

Weekly Update #122

Hi all, welcome back to the regular Weekly Dev blog. Good to be back this week after completely missing the boat last week. First up let’s have a look at what we achieved over the last two weeks, heads up probably not much 😦 I have progressed on and tidied up the movement rules to … More Weekly Update #122