Weekly Update #141

Hello and welcome back to the penultimate Dev blog for this year.

With Christmas and New Years right around the corner we are looking forward to some time in the sun and relaxing playing tabletop games. But first we need to finish our checklist for the year, so lets check in on our progress for last week:

  • I finished the Sarcos’s weapons, remaining equipment and his head. Unfortunately it looks like my sickness last week is going to delay me finishing the Sarcos by about a week.
  • Simon has been busy refining model splits and printing them on the new 3d printers (and wow they are looking good!).

So as you can see I’m not going to be completing the Sarcos by this Friday (tomorrow), though I do plan to have him finished by mid next week, which at least should give Simon time to run him through the printer…even if he’s not split into separate pieces. Can’t wait to see him printed out like these examples below!

Looking ahead at next week we are planning to:

  • Finish the Sarcos sculpt. Done and finished for the end of the year.
  • Have a first crack at separation subtools for splitting the Sarcos
  • Simon will finish up the splits for the Moschops
  • Simon will be working on the splits for the Ophidia.

A rather model heavy week ahead. If we get any spare time it would be great to tidy up some of the remaining drawing briefs for our character artist who is soon going to be free to finish up our characters, woo! It would also be nice to create a brief for some environment / landscape concept art as well, but we’ll see how we go.

Take it easy until next week šŸ™‚

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