Art Dump #120

Hello and welcome back to our weekly Art Dump.

This week I’ve scoured our latest crop of sketches to find some interesting doodles for you.

First up are some Wou sketches. I was intending to be looking at options for their poses but the first sketch had a bit more detail.


Following up on that we’ve got some new weapon sketches for an additional pistol we’re going to be adding to the Drazz sculpt. I was trying to match the style of his spear which has a custom built feel coupled with bone or chitinous pieces attached. Let us know what  your favourite option is.


And finally for this week we’ve got another bash at a pose for the Shrubber. This time I tried to push the leaning pose further, which is helping to convey quite a bit of character from the little chap.


With that we’ve come to the end of another Art Dump. Hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next week 🙂

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